CLEANZONE 2024 Frankfurt, Germany | Exhibition Stand Builder

Cleanzone is an international trade fair and congress for cleanroom technology and contamination control. It takes place annually in Frankfurt, Germany, and serves as a platform for professionals and experts from various industries to exchange knowledge, showcase innovative products and solutions, and discuss the latest trends in cleanroom technology and contamination control. The show will take place from 25 to 26 September 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany.

More About CLEANZONE 2024 Frankfurt

Cleanzone focuses on creating and maintaining clean and controlled environments, particularly in industries where cleanliness is critical, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, electronics manufacturing, aerospace, and food production.

At Cleanzone, exhibitors present a wide range of products and services related to cleanroom technology, including cleanroom equipment, cleanroom components, cleanroom furniture, air filtration systems, cleanroom garments, monitoring and control systems, and contamination control solutions.

Cleanzone and cleanlinss technology, hygiene and contamination control will meet at Cleanzone in Frankfurt am Main on 25+26 September 2024. Cleanzone covers the entire process chain – from planning and set-up, measuring technology, consumables, infeed and outfeed, logistics and packaging to services, media and of course, the most important networks in cleanroom technology.

Cleanzone 2024 is the ideal meeting place for cleanroom technology suppliers and key decision-makers in the cleaning sector. With its multidisciplinary approach and international reputation, the event will attract interest from various verticals. Messe Frankfurt brings together experts in the cleanroom sector, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, healthcare, food technology, microelectronics and aerospace.

Why Exhibit in CLEANZONE 2024 Frankfurt, Germany?

  • Cleanzone typically attracts exhibitors from a wide range of industries involved in cleanroom technology and contamination control. The number of exhibitors can vary from year to year but often includes companies showcasing cleanroom equipment, air filtration systems, cleanroom garments, contamination control solutions, and related products and services.
  • Cleanzone attracts a diverse audience of professionals and experts interested in cleanroom technology, including decision-makers, engineers, facility managers, researchers, and procurement professionals. The number of visitors can give an indication of the event’s reach and impact within the industry.
  • Cleanzone is an international trade fair, and exhibitors and visitors come from various countries around the world. The event provides a platform for international networking, collaboration, and business opportunities, reflecting the global nature of the cleanroom technology sector.
  • The total exhibition space allocated for Cleanzone can provide insights into the scale and scope of the event. This includes the size of the exhibition halls, booth layouts, and any special zones or pavilions dedicated to specific sectors or themes within cleanroom technology.
  • Cleanzone covers a wide range of product categories related to cleanroom technology and contamination control. Facts and figures might include the number of products showcased, the diversity of product categories represented, and any notable innovations or trends observed during the event.
  • In addition to the exhibition, Cleanzone often features a comprehensive conference program with lectures, seminars, workshops, and panel discussions covering various aspects of cleanroom technology, contamination control, regulatory compliance, and industry best practices. Details about the conference program can provide insights into the educational content offered at the event.

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